The Christadelphian Save the Children Fund is for the sole purpose of providing kits and Bible lessons in native languages to children in Eastern Europe, Caribbean countries, South America, India, Africa, Philippines and any other areas of the world that request assistance through our linkmen. Your donation is much appreciated to help carry on this worthwhile effort.

Note: This fund is set up for contributions from members of the Christadelphian community.

Fund Update: (Sept 10, 2002) - Since the fund's inception, November 2001, by the grace of God and the support of brothers and sisters and young people from all over the world this fund has distributed over 2000 kits to destitute children from ecclesial families worldwide, places like Europe, Eastern Europe, India, Africa, Philippines, North America, South America, Caribbean, places too numerous to mention. These kits contain Sunday school support materials, Bible based learning tools, supplies and personal items for children and are distributed at the request of linkmen from the CSSU, CBM for Canada, U.S.A., UK, Australia/Asia. More importantly, we have been able to provide full scholarships for 179 children which allowed them to attend week end and week long Christadelphian Bible schools. The scholarship program commenced in April, 2002 and over $14,000.00 raised and distributed to CBM linkmen. Destitute children rarely experience opportunities to escape from their ecomonic strangleholds. This fund has afforded them the fellowship of other children and the love and practical assistance of their spiritual families from all over the world. From their temporary moments of respite they bring back memories and happy moments to draw on and gain spiritual strength from teaching them the value of belonging to a large spiritual family - a family that cares. Some of these children have been featured in the web site for the fund. We want to thank all of the contributors to this fund. However, it continues to need your help!! We want to ensure that we can continue to provide the scholarship program and kit distributions throughout the year 2003. By God's grace and your help, we will be able to raise up a spiritual heritage to the Lord and bring honour to His Name.

Scholarship Fund
The scholarship program is gaining great speed and momentum and as you can see from the photos we are reaching many children through it's ability to provide for their Bible School needs. Scholarship funds are raised to enable any children throughout the world to attend Bible Schools, weekend camps, etc. Where the cost of ground travel, accommodation and meals is too heavy a financial burden for a family or ecclesia to bear, the fund, by God's grace, makes it possible for any child to attend an event in their area of the world. The cost per child can be anywhere up to $150.00 U.S. funds for a week long Bible school. In Eastern Europe alone there is a financial need of approx $10,215 U.S. funds per year to enable children from various areas to attend one Bible School or weekend camp. This program is under the direction of CBM linkmen and is closely monitored and managed to ensure that the needs of any child is brought to the attention of the CSTCF. Any donations earmarked - "scholarship" are pooled and donated directly to CBM linkmen for administration of the funds. Please give today. We want to enable the children to be able to attend Bible Schools this year, God Willing.

Cheques and money orders:
Please make your cheque/money payable to:
Christadelphian Save the Children Fund and mail to:

Christadelphian Save the Children Fund
PO Box 25651
395 Wellington Road South
London, Ontario
Canada N6C 6B3

Telephone (519) 668-7081 | Fax (519) 668-6790

Direct Deposit:
Donations can be made directly to the Christadelphian Save the Children Fund Banking Account. Details are as follows:

Bank of Montreal
338 Wellington Road South
London, Ontario, Canada N6C 4P8
Bank telephone number (519) 667-6207

Transit Number: 04652 | Account Number: 8068-018

United States ($USD) donations requiring tax receipts can now be sent to:
Christadelphian Bible Missions of the Americas
c/o Charles Brinkerhoff
7723 Second Street
Downey, California
90241, U.S.A.

Canadian ($CDN) donations requiring tax receipts can now be sent to either the CSTCF or Christadelphian Bible Mission (Canada)
Box 55541, Unit 119
15280 101 Avenue
Surrey, British Columbia
V3R 0J7, Canada

Contact us for details.

Donation receipts will be issued upon request for areas outside of Canada. Areas within Canada will have receipts issued unless you indicate otherwise.

Registered Canadian Charity Number 0479592-39
Business Number 14066 4202.