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Annual Israel Youth Project
The annual Israel Youth Project was devised to bring young people to the UK each year to attend a Christadelphian Youth Camp where they can meet other young people. Flying up to three of them, plus a chaperone (adult who is self-funded) is incredibly expensive and we are unable to fund it out of normal CBM expenses. While the young people are very committed to learning the Truth, they are in isolation, even though their families belong to the ecclesia in Tel Aviv. We are really grateful for the support that we receive from the Christadelphian Save the Children Fund which enables us to give them the opportunity to build normal friendships (which are maintained due to modern technology). In 2011, Julia with her chaperone came to spend two weeks in the UK meeting with young people in different ecclesias. She hopes to go to camp in August 2013, God Willing. In 2012 Sabrina and Natalie came to Lian Christadelphian Teenage camp, in North Wales (first time in 2010) and renewed their friendships with Christadelphian young people. They were very excited. Plans are underway to send 3 young people in 2013, Tali (first time) Julia (second time) and Maxim (first time). Chris Brook (former CBM linkman) and Peter Hale (current linkman).

Following the attendance at the Camp we received a letter from Maxim which states in volumes the benefits of the camp: “The morning after I arrived at camp the one thing that I noticed was the peacefulness with no bombs going off overhead. It made me feel what it will be like in the Kingdom. I made many friends which I keep in contact with. Maxim, age 17.

Plans are underway for 2017, God Willing and for any future years which will allow more children to come from Israel to Wales to attend the same camp along with chaparones. It is a project dear to our hearts in ensuring that the teens benefit from the friendships and spiritual warmth they feel and bring back some of that experience to help them endure not only loneliness, isolation but threats every day of their lives.