• Bringing God's Word to the hearts and minds of His heritage — the children

    Bringing God's Word to the hearts and minds of His heritage — the children

    Support the Christadelphian Save the Children Fund.

  • At work around the globe

    At work around the globe

    Find out more about our work around the world providing supplies to help children learn the message of God's Word.

  • Your donations keep the vision alive

    Your donations keep the vision alive

    Help us provide Bibles and Sunday School supplies to children in need.

  • Helping children around the world

    Helping children around the world

    View photos that demonstrate our fund in action.

The Christadelphian Save the Children Fund (CSTCF) commenced in 2001 by the Grace of God for the sole purpose of providing Spiritual supplies and services to mission areas and ecclesias in isolation throughout the ecclesial world, covered under the auspices of the Christadelphian Bible Mission (CBM) with our mandate of collaborating alongside for the purpose of bringing God’s Word to any who yearn for it.


Following are the provisions but not limited to:-

  1. Bibles in native language where possible
  2. Learning materials for ages 3 and upwards
  3. Bible lessons in native languages
  4. Sunday School supplies
  5. Sewn kit bags and headscarves
  6. Sunday school awards, prizes, recognition
  7. Children’s camps & Bible Schools attendance fees
  8. Sunday school clothing (upon request)
  9. Non-perishable food for “new outreach program” (view where the funds are directed)

This service compliments the work of the CBM, CIL, CSSU and does not duplicate the lessons already provided nor do we work outside of their cooperation and awareness.  Any needs brought to our attention by individuals or ecclesias are forwarded to the linkmen for each area and the orders are filled with their approval and needed recommendations.

Funding for the CSTCF is provided by many ecclesias, Sunday Schools and individuals throughout the world who have magnanimously shown their support and desire to get involved in the welfare of our children throughout the world. Our fellowship depends upon the future strengths and growth of the ecclesias.

Emigration takes a huge toll on some ecclesial territories and the future lies in the rebirth of spiritual children in Christ through learning from God’s Word and through the waters of baptism to the ultimate purpose of being of benefit to their ecclesial family to the Glory of God.

By the Grace of God and your help, this fund will continue to succeed in bringing God’s Word to the hearts and minds of His heritage – the children. Until our Lord’s return and we meet these children in the streets of Jerusalem let us go forward with purpose of mind, generosity of spirit and prayers of remembrance of those less fortunate.