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A request was made to send supplies to Pakistan and lessons translated into Urdu. 15 boxes filled with lesson books, Bible learning supplies were sent to Karachi and picked up by truck by brethren whose names had to be kept in confidence due to the severe persecution that the “Christians” experienced in Pakiston. Corruption at the customs tried to stop the importing of these “Christian” materials without paying extortion monies.  By prayer and supplication we persuaded the culprits to release the goods.  A boy age 16 who was severely crippled with polio was not permitted to attend school by the authorities because he was “deemed” unteachable. We are very much reminded of him, his name and his courage. “X” was illiterate but proceeded to learn the Truth from others reading him the lessons, doing Bible jigsaw puzzles, and visual aids that were sent to the brothers and sisters and families in Pakistan.  This 16 year old, is now a brother in Christ. We received a phone call at 3:00 a.m. in which two brethren responsible for coordinating the programs from their end proceeded to sing hymns to us in grateful appreciation of the “forbidden” fruit of the Gospel message in this isolated area of the ecclesial world.